Our expertise encompasses the entire recovery process – from advice through to operational processing. With many years of experience, we take care of testing, approval support and logistics. We produce mining backfill materials based on various officially approved formulations. The material and chemical properties of the mineral input materials are first analyzed in order to be able to use them optimally. This is how we meet all individual needs.

Professional advice

We have many years of experience in the disposal of waste and offer professional advice through our sales department.
If underground recovery in Bernburg is not the right way to dispose of your waste, we, as a certified broker, also offer you advice on more than underground recovery.

Extensive analysis

At the Bernburg site, we have the ability to carry out internal and acceptance checks using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer. In addition, we work with certified and accredited laboratories and experts and thus offer professional support in creating the proper documentation in the notification and verification process.

Transport and packaging

On request, we will also take care of transport and packaging offers for you.

At our Bernburg site, we have the following acceptance options for your waste:

  • in bulk
  • in silo truck
  • Packed waste in big bags in walking floor or tarpaulin trucks

Acceptance of waste

On site, we take care of the proper acceptance and further processing of your waste. Our colleagues work in a multi-shift system so that we can offer you reliable disposal security

The path of mineral waste

closed hall unloading unloading unloading mixer physicochemical treatment longterm safe installation in salt rock tipping backfill direct stowage policing filter overburden younger rock salt older rock salt

„In case of questions or are you searching for a solution for your waste materials? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your enquiry.“