AUREC is a subsidiary of REKS GmbH & Co. KG. As a joint venture company between REMEX GmbH and K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH, AUREC is backed by a strong and successful company in the waste management industry. AUREC has been dealing with the processing of mineral waste for the production of mining backfill materials for underground recycling since 1992.

More than 30 years of experience

Mines continue to open up the most important sources of raw materials for mankind. Even though the mining of ores, metals and hard coal has ceased in many regions of Germany, German salt mining is still of great importance worldwide. Although the best possible safety precautions are taken during extraction, it occasionally makes sense to backfill some sub-areas – for long-term preventive protection of people and the environment. The mining backfill materials from AUREC GmbH give the cavities in old mine parts additional permanent static stability.

As a certified waste company, we rely on the latest technologies, proven processes and the highest production standards. In addition, we have a pioneering quality and environmental management system. With our outstanding corporate concept, we combine mining safety with disposal security.

The mining backfill materials are mainly installed in the K+S Group’s Underground Recovery Plant in Bernburg. The K+S Group’s Underground Recovery Plant in Bernburg has proof of long-term safety, so that all legal requirements for the storage of waste are safely met.

Waste does not always have to end up in a landfill. A lot of waste can still be used with great benefit if it is processed into mine backfill. This also applies to hazardous waste.


AUREC is gearing up for the future!

In order to further strengthen disposal security for its customers, AUREC is realizing its largest investment project to date. The plant expansion not only brings the plant technology up to the state of the art, but also significantly increases the capacity for processing waste to 350,000 tons per year. With this measure we want to make an important contribution to safe disposal.

Bergversatzbaustoffe füllen Hohlräume auf

Mining backfill materials - Permanently support mine cavities

The mining backfill materials from AUREC give the cavities in old parts of the mine additional permanent static stability.

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